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Overview of Digital Marketing

Today entire world is closely connected through technology. Nothing is too far or near. For instance, you have a good garment shop near by your house, but you will buy it from Bangalore from Amazon and that too with return guarantee and shipment at home. That’s the power of Digital marketing. It is a combination of Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and understanding buyers purchasing pattern. Welcome to Digital Marketing Profession, welcome to Digital marketing course at Pace.

Here candidate will understand exact scope of Digital marketing.

Web Site Planning and Creation

Today, virtually you meet your customers on your website. You have to create trust factor via your website. Normally it looks simple to design a website, but when you go insight each tab has its own meaning and importance. It has to be designed according to your customer preference and target audience. According to survey normally customer reacts in the first 3 seconds and be on home page for 5.59 seconds. It’s like making and break for any organization.

Here candidate will learn how Digital marketing course will be helpful to create a website and pull

Social Media

This word doesn’t need its introduction, its highly communicative, viral and best way to brand yourself with small budget also. You can select your own target audience and create brand awareness of your product and services. In digital marketing course we here focus on Facebook, Instagram, Linked in and Twitter.

Here candidate will how to convert our likes into prospects and prospects to conversion. How to build a brand on social media platform.

Search engine marketing

This is a money making machine for Google. According to survey 87% people use google search engine. Its entirely a game of keywords and understanding broader perspective of customer's mind-set. Google earns billions out of it. Pace have specifically designed this digital marketing course on search engine marketing keeping in mind various industry parameters.

Here candidate will learn how making campaign on various searches. Deeply understanding the keyword planner provided by google. This module will definitely help candidate to increase their package or entrepreneur can increase the sales.

Mobile Marketing:

Today 70% searches are on mobile, even mobile app has a huge market. People can easily access information about products and services while sitting in offices, malls etc.. and add it to cart. In digital marketing course for mobile marketing we have also added some apps which are useful for increasing brand awareness and sales.

Here candidate will learn mobile marketing techniques and also how to create responsive website.

Google Analytics

It's entire about analysis, it shows health of your campaign, ROI. Google compares it on various parameters. It helps entrepreneur or digital marketing expert to make the right decision. It's all about raw data put in one place in an organized manner for better decision making.

Here candidate will learn how to analyse the data and make the decision on various projects. By taking a digital marketing course candidate will come to know how to take complex decision based on data.

Online Display Advertising

This is all about hammering in the mind of prospective customers. In this portion of digital marketing course mainly its combination of images, videos and creativity. It’s just not an advertisement, but in the few words, we have to express much more.

Here candidate will learn how to make colour combination, advertising content and selecting target audience who can be converted into prospective clients.

Email marketing

This is the biggest and cheapest source of marketing from last many years, but as time changes google have divided mails into primary, social and promotional mails. So each promotional mails does not reflect on your primary section. But google also gives solution for same. In digital marketing course candidate will learn Mail Chimp (a product of google) which directly hits your primary section. Still, it’s a one of the biggest sources of generating leads.

Here candidate will learn how to write content for different emails, designing email templates, frequency of e-mailers to contact the prospective clients.

E-Commerce marketing:

This is the one of the biggest emerging sectors across the globe. It is just a starting in Indian market that product and services are sold online. The biggest benefit is to small retailers who can now sell their products across the globe and compete with big brands. Have you imagine as an Indian we will purchase vegetables without touching, but things are changing and so the people. In digital marketing course we will learn real time online sales for various products.

The candidate will learn e-commerce marketing, how to sell the products online, how to make a brand presence and make a small thing big.

Lead generation

This is the need of time every organization depends upon how many leads they generate from various sources and convert them into prospective clients. In digital marketing course we will learn different sources of lead, their analysis. As there are a huge number of data in the form of leads, but we have calculated its acquisition cost, ROI and product cost.

Here candidate will learn various sources of lead generation and how to differentiate hot-cold and warm leads.

Content marketing

As we know content is a king in digital marketing. You can design a good website, but without good content its zero. In digital marketing course content is the most important module as it's used at every level. The content has to be designed according target audience, on which platform it has to be presented and should be customer centric.

Here candidate will learn how to design different content for a different product line and for different platforms.

Internet marketing strategy

Entire internet marketing strategy varies from product to product and different set of target audience to be catered. We can’t apply one successfully internet strategy on another product. as some product or services has to be marketed on social media, then others on google Adwords and some services on YouTube… in a digital marketing course we will explore various internet marketing strategies.

The candidate will learn various internet marketing strategies depends upon the product and services and their target audience also learn how to allocate budget depends upon the client requirements.

Affiliate marketing

This is the greatest form of marketing. People also make a huge money of out of affiliate marketing. In digital marketing course we will take you through how it work is initially and you have to make your own brand as an individual or a company. As the visitor increases other vendors show their ads on your website or blogs etc. by your permission. People co-relate their products and services to your business line. Beat eggs. May be if you are booking tickets on yatra.com you will see ads of flights as its complementary to each other.

Here candidate will learn how to make money from affiliate marketing. Whom to target and how to select product and services for affiliate marketing.


This is a google product what google does is they tie-up with various brands and individuals who have good footfalls on their website. In digital marketing course we will teach you how google works like a mediator between brands and services owners who want to show their ads on this platform. Google will never show ads on the platform on which it does not have tie-ups. So Adsense is like legal binding to show ads of service provider between google and brand owners.

Here candidate will learn how entire Adsense work and which site has to be selected from Adsense suggested by google which will generate more revenue for clients.

Online reputation management(ORM)

This is most sensitive and emotional part of digital marketing course. As prospects land on our website and make their on view point without meeting you. So always before making a purchasing decision prospects will go through various reviews posted by others, they will see your brand presence and what people say about you. So here is again a make or break for you before making final purchasing decision. All big organizations have separate ORM division to cater all the types of customer feedback and who avoids it have to pay heavy prices for same in in a nutshell, we can’t ignore customer feedback otherwise next customer will ignore us.

Here candidate will learn how to handle ORM, how to handle negative feedback and revert them with a positive attitude and make your brand reputation stronger on various platforms.

Freelancing projects

There are various freelancing projects on the internet where you can work individually for many clients. In digital marketing course we will train you how to take freelancing projects. Here even you can work globally by sitting even in a small town. You may be specialized in content writing or Adwords or social media and so on

Here candidate will learn how making their own portfolio to be designed to acquire freelancing projects on the internet and will also help them to acquire local clients if they are interested.


This is the hottest product from google for customer acquisition. In digital marketing course we will learn how to do Remarketing more efficiently so to get better ROI. Remarketing is nothing the customer who has visited your website, but not filed your enquiry form and filed their relevant information you needed. You will show your ads, and keeping a continuous hammering about your product and services so at least when prospect make a decision about purchasing he/she remember your brand or services. According to google 33% of conversions are done by Remarketing.

Here candidate will learn how make the design and content for Remarketing and what punch line should be used to connect with your prospective customers. As data is so huge at a certain level that we can’t show ads to all the customers so here candidate will learn how to differentiate non-customers and get better ROI of your investments.

Blog marketing

This is a new version of business where people mostly work as freelancers and a trend is increasing in India by writing the blogs on various products and services and on the same line there is also increasing in the target audience who are reading the blogs. This is a very specific segment of digital marketing course. Here need to be creative as well as good command over language.

Here candidate will learn how doing blog marketing, how to develop marketing blogs for any company. What research has to be done before writing any blog and copyright issues.

Info graphics

As the word says it is all about expressing your emotions, content, or information in the form of graphics. People should come to know from one shot what exactly image has to say. This is mostly used in advertising purpose to give a direct message to customers without using more content.

Here candidate will learn how to pick info graphics from google which can correlate with your products and services.

Google webmaster

This is a tool provided by google for checking various parameters. In digital marketing course we will learn various google webmaster tools. It's normally a performance parameters where you can check your website performance its speed and all technical related things. We can also compare with our competitors to get transparent view. Google also shows the scope of improvement.

Here candidate will learn where our website is performing low and where we have to improve as well as how to do competitive analysis.

Landing Page

This is just a lead generation page for any organization. You can consider it as a mini website. In digital marketing course we will learn how to optimize landing page. The landing page is all about giving the information about products and services in a very crisp manner which is required by the visitor. It is always of a single page no navigation will be given to distract the user. The main aim of landing page is to generate a lead and get the required details of prospects.

Here candidate will learn what the customer is looking for product and services rather than about us when he comes to landing page. The candidate has to understand as user’s mindset and base on data he/she can optimize the landing page.

Video Marketing

This is the biggest source of information nowadays. If you have any doubt how to make this thing you will switch to YOUTUBE and get things done. In digital marketing course we will learn how to promote the videos. Here major thing is keywords when people search for some specific queries there are thousands of videos on the same topic. So we should learn how our video can be viewed more. Also content and graphics also play a vital role in the video.

Here candidate will learn how to design skip ads as well as what type of content has to be developed which can be customer centric and build a brand of organization.


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